Our work speaks boldly. With inclusivity, heart, and artistry.

Our mission is to produce media that is actively inclusive of women, transgender and gender non-binary folks, people of color, and others whose voices have been underrepresented or misrepresented thus far.
Because art is important. Art has the power to make us realize, on a deep level, that we’re not alone in the world. And we need that now more than ever.

Before we take on any project, we ask ourselves:

Is it inclusive?
It is actively inclusive of women and minority folks and their perspectives.
Does it add one more drop of kindness to the ocean?
The project has to have heart, and therefore the potential to touch people's hearts in some way, big or small.
Is it realistic?
We realistically have the resources to make a top notch end product.
Is it a "hell yes?"
Gut check. That deep passion for a project is what fuels us to create stellar work. If our gut says “yeah sure” instead of “hell yes” we have to pass. You can be assured that if we say YES to your project, we are ALL IN.
We take pride in putting our artistic stamp on projects -- and as such, we take great care in selecting work that we feel will help challenge and improve us as as well as the audience.
We are building an empire of like-minded, courageous individuals who are leading with kindness and creating media in which underrepresented voices can be heard.

People who work with us:

Lead with heart.
Are good at listening.
Are earnest.
Excel at their craft.

© 2018 by Adventuress Films.

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